Grant Dell

With over 50 releases, you may know him as Uhuru Beats, Croydon Punks Ltd, Masonic Noodles, or the Chicago Transit Authority. Grant’s first release as Tribalation – EP1 on Loaded records got licensed to Strictly Rhythm; the rest is dance music history.

The son of a jazz musician, Grant’s teen years rebelled to the raw aesthetic of punk, but his tastes quickly warmed to the rolling basslines of dancehall and dub reggae. South London soundclashes cemented his love of gritty low-slung frequencies. And then acid house. Down Clink Street, deep underground to Heart and Soul and onto to countless warehouse parties, Grant took his innate appreciation of dancefloor dynamics behind the decks.

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Brett Johnson

With influences ranging from early house and disco to turntablism and techno, Brett Johnson successfully straddles the line between knowledgable “thinking man’s” DJ and genuine, primal floor-filler. Brett’s sound is best known as groovy, bumping house with a hearty dose of techno elements, crafted and mixed in a way that is truly identifiable as his own. Whether DJing or creating music, his wild card is an ability to inject warmth and soul into his electronic sound. The result is an impressive discography filled with unique statements, otherworldly surprises, and undeniable club stompers.

Having released his first record in 1999 on the now defunct, Aesoteric Records, Brett has released over 100 records and remixes. For some of dance music’s best labels including Crosstown Rebels, Classic Music Company, 20/20 Vision, Get Physical, Visionquest, Magnetic, Freerange, Cynosure, F-Communications, the list goes on and on. Aside from a busy remix schedule, Brett is currently releasing his music on the labels Visionquest, Classic Music Company, Get Physical and Cynosure Recordings.

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Jay Tripwire

Always sitting slightly off-centre, Jay Tripwire is an artist that walks the line as industry staple and ever changing innovator, releasing one standout release after another. His signature fusion of deep Detroit textures and intricate rhythms has led a career spanning two decades, with over 200 vinyl releases, 2 commercial mixed cd compilations, and four full length albums. He remains one of the most prolific artists around, with an average of 15 releases per year. He is always in demand as a remixer, averaging 10-15 remixes per year.

Trpwire pic

Carl Finlow

Carl has been writing and recording music since 1986 but his first real record involvement was co writing and producing Moments of Inertia by Circle City on Warp in 1993. After a year or so working with Leeds indie band The Bridewells and culminating in an album with them recorded in Roxy Music’s studio, he settled down into writing and producing dance music. In 1994 he and DJ Ralph Lawson set up 2020 Vision Records, producing deep house flavours of their own as Wolf and Flow and under his own solo guise of Random Factor, remixing artists from around the globe including Blaze, Josh Wink, Superman Lovers and Fatboy Slim. His solo work is heavily electro tinted, reflective of the Kraftwerk era but owing as much to the likes of Drexciya, Prince, Depeche Mode and Yello. During the mid 90s he teamed up with SCSI founder Daz Quayle and wrote under the name Scarletron and also as Black Labs with two releases on Thomas Heckmann’s Trope Recordings around 1995. Working under the names of Random Factor (2020 Vision) Voice Stealer (Subvert) and more recently Silicon Scally (SCSI, Satamile) he has released music on labels including Warp, Fuel, Playhouse, Paper, Trope, Sony, Klang, Arista, Soma, Pagan and Minifunk. He is also a keen remixer in his own right, having reworked tracks by 2 Lone Swordsman, Luke Slater, Swayzak, Dave Tipper and Alexi Delano. 2002 saw the release of the critically acclaimed Mr. Machine album on SCSI recordings. In 2003 the combined EP’s on Device Entertainment Recordings were released as the album Electrilogy+ under his real name, Carl A Finlow. Shortly after this release, he moved to Paris.
March 2004 saw the Random Factor album Convergence with additional remixes by John Tejada, Swayzak, DJT and Fred Everything. This was also the 100th release for the 2020 Vision label, and included touring Europe, USA, Japan and several UK University dates/seminars in partnership with Ableton and M-Audio. 2004 took in 44 live dates all around the world. 2005 provided another album from Silicon Scally, Dark Matter, on Satamile Recordings from New York. 2006 marked a new writing partnership, teaming up with DJulz, resident at the Rex Club in Paris and the duo made a release on Klang Elektronik. July 2006 saw a new deep house 12 on Glasgow’s Seventh Sign Recordings under the Carl Finlow moniker. 2006 also provided a new collaboration between the mysterious Scarletron and the legendary Andrea Parker’s Touchin Bass label. 2007 brought a new Silicon Scally album Bioroid, released on Satamile Recordings. April 2007 saw the EP ‘Digitize’ from Random Factor on 2020 Vision and with May came a fresh new Carl Finlow 12″ on new label Green Light Recordings. The most recent Random Factor album, Outlaw, was released digital only in 2011. Following on from that and through 2012 the old partnership with 2020 Vision boss Ralph Lawson was rekindled and a new Wolf n Flow remix has been created for Freak 7, a remix for LB – Superstitious Heart was also released and new tracks are once more being created in the studio, including another collaboration with long time friend Chez Damier. 2012 also saw Carl’s entire electro back catalog go digital, hosted on Bandcamp and included many previously unreleased tracks. 2013 saw the return to his electro roots with a new release on Electrix for Billy Nasty, featuring remixes by Radioactive Man, Volsoc and Fleck E.S.C. A few remixes were also undertaken in 2013 for the likes of Radioactive Man, Sync 24 and Switchbox, and a classic old track by Voice Stealer was featured on a new DJ Kicks (the 3rd he’s been on) album by Maceo Plex. The year was rounded off with the self released Silicon Scally EP Augment on Bandcamp. Another string to his bow is writing music for broadcast and in collaboration with Deep East Music has had pieces used on radio and tv around the world, including for the BBC, National Geographic and Japanese General & Broadcasting. A new Carl Finlow electro EP is ready for 2014 on Electrix and 2014 also marks 20 years of 2020 Vision with Carl contributing a collection of reworked/revisited classic 2020 Vision tracks.


Terry Francis

Since winning Muzik magazines “Best New DJ” award in 1997, Terry Francis has had what can only be described as a meteoric rise to fame. To those previously unfamiliar with his flawless mixing skills and instinctive ability to work a crowd it probably seemed as if he’d arrived out of nowhere. Fact is though, he had been blazing a trail through the underground for no less than ten years before the world at large sat up and took notice. And perhaps more than anything else it was unanimously praised “Architecture” mix album that really put him on the map.

A seamless mix of deep dubby house, celestial breaks and ethereal vocals – it was shot through with the kind of shimmering techno sensibility that really marked it out as something special. Some called it “tech house”, whilst Terry himself jokingly described to it as “house no”.

Ultimately though, any labelling of Terry’s style is fairly pointless because what he does is what all the very best DJ’s do. He blurs the lines between the past and the present to create the future and always plays from the heart. Crucially though, he does ft just that little bit better than almost anybody else.

From that point on Terry was a confirmed house music lover and within a couple of months he’d managed to secure a residency at a bar in Leatherhead, the town where he grew up.

“It was downstairs in this mad basement at a rockers bar and they were all swearing at me and slagging off the music.” he laughs. “Two weeks later they were all jumping about and up to all sorts.”

From there Terry moved on to a residency at the legendary Sterns Club (spinning alongside the likes of Colin Dale, Mr C and Eddie Richards), played extensively on the south coast and did numerous guest spots at parties like London’s Heart & Soul.

By 1994 he felt the time was right to set up his own night and in March of that year Wiggle was born. A joint operation between Terry, Nathan Coles and their respective partners. Wiggle is a night like no other. Still, probably London’s best loved underground house event. Wiggle is one of the only nights in the country that has always remained true to the original spirit of acid house, and that fact that it has sold out every time since it started pretty much speaks for itself.

Aside from the continued success of Wiggle and the release of his “Architecture 2” mix album on Pagan, the last few years have seen Terry’s career continue to bosom. He’s constantly toured all over America, Australia, New Zealand and the far East, made weekly trips to just about every country in Europe and still found the time to record for labels like Hooj Choons, Yoshitoshi, Alien and Primal US.

In October 1999 he started a residency at London’s Fabric, where he continues to delight both old hands and new comers alike each and every Saturday night. He’s recently started a new vocal based project for Pagan, remixed Didier Sinclair’s “Lovely Flight” and is presently recording his debut ‘artist album’ for Eukahouse.

Not bad going for someone who started out playing to a bunch of rockers in the basement of a bar.

Terry Francis

Darren Roach

London born and bred Darren Roach has been an integral part of the UK club scene since the halcyon days of ’88.  A veteran of London’s clubbing mafia at the age of 15 he was gracing the decks of (then) top London clubs such as MoS, Club UK and The Limelight, quickly gaining recognition amongst his peers as one of the most technically advanced Djs of his generation

After-hour parties and big events have been a main source for Darren’s musical output. Captivating a beautiful collection of friends and experiences, from which he embraced and most importantly learnt from. This knowledge would then go on to mould Darren’s musical ability as a DJ to work a crowd. Throughout the last 15 years Darren had the pleasure of playing and supporting some of the world’s leading underground DJS and live including Carl Cox, Derek May, Sven Vath, Locodice, Kevin Sanderson, Masters at work, Front 242, Carl Craig live,

Darren Roach has travelled the globe and DJ’d at some of the world’ s best clubs and festivals in countries such as America, Australia, China, Russia, Turkey, Croatia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Holland, Ukraine, Belgium, France, Spain, and Sweden playing in events like Dance Valley Amsterdam, Global Tendencies festival San Sebastian, Impulse outdoor festival Holland, Creamfields Istanbul, Taj Mahal Czech republic, The Millennium party in Sydney, DV Amnesia Ibiza, la Cova Barcelona, Sancho Panza(Carnival) Isle of MTV party Croatia and special events like Massive Attacks V.I.P After Party in Istanbul.

In 2002 Darren took on the role as Head of Press and Promotion at Intergroove UK. Plugging and pushing the underground sound to a bigger audience. Labels that broke to the fore purely because of the support that Darren gave them include: Get Physical, Moon Harbour, Morris audio, Connoisseur, Cocoon records, Tuning Spork, Great stuff to name but a few…

fast forward to 2015 and Darren has been beavering away in the studio with releases on DJ Sneak’s Magnetic and Dj Sneaks classics label, an E.p on Terry Francis’s Wiggle label and forthcoming releases on Default Position, Giant Records, Household Digital, Wiggle records and a massive summer hit on Alfresco Disco.

DJ Mag has described Darren Roach as “the Lord of Groove”…..As an artist Darren has always looked for sounds that can only be described as different!!! But, this is where the special talents of Darren really come into play, by bringing in subliminal mixes of different styles and elements based around Electronic house, keeping crowds on their feet, and good feelings inside. Originality and Quality music is the key to Darren Roach’s success.


Silicone Soul

Since first appearing on Scotland’s seminal Soma label in 1998, DJ-production duo Craig Morrison and Graeme Reedie, aka Silicone Soul, have occupied a special place in the over-crowded field of electronic dance music through the depth and quality of their recordings, plus an innate understanding of music‘s grand heritage and its constant development. Having released four critically acclaimed albums, holding residencies at some of Europe’s most celebrated clubs, scooping numerous DJ Mag award nominations and even refusing to appear on Top Of The Pops after storming the UK charts with ‘Right On’. Silicone Soul lead the way celebrating ten years of their Darkroom Dubs label while winning dance floors across the world.

silicone soul_pp6

David Beiger

David Beiger is a passionate Independent Music Producer and DJ who currently dwells in London, England. David has been London-based since 2003. Hailing from Germany, the initial spark of creativity entered his life early on and has stayed with him ever since. His chief aim has always been to craft a unique style of timeless house and techno to set the dance floor on fire all while uniting like-minded people via the power of music.
As soon a David moved to East London in 2005, he began playing Vinyl’s sets and landed a monthly residency at the Infamous Tbar. David continued to evolve as a DJ by playing in popular clubs all over the world (the UK, Paris, Germany, Spain, Saint Barth, and New York). In 2012, David became part of the New York City-based Scratch DJ Agency. Nowadays David Still buys and plays Vinyl’s for local sets.
Two years later, David released his debut EP entitled, “The Vault” on The Endemic, followed by “Ocean Drive” on a VA Release with the Seta Label as well as the “Identity” Remix for Luke Nova.
This Month, Oct 2015 David has yet another EP coming out called “Envy Music” with a catchy remix by Jaques Gusto. He also just launched his own music night called “Stay Wild” and plays regularly for East London Movement.
Also next in line is the ‘”Fly again” Ep to be released on Francesca Lombardo’s new up and coming Vinyl and digital Label “Echolette Records”
Additionally, David has signed to The Giant and will be releasing his “Dream Factory” EP in September 2016, which includes a Remix of the track “Dream Factory” by Grant Dell.



Funtom is a purist dedicated to preserving the vinyl experience for his Club performances. He has been spinning vinyl over fifteen years now and been resident in some of the most famous house clubs in Zagreb, Croatia at that time. After that Funtom has been airing radio shows and gaining international respect as he host’s talented artists, generating a rich portfolio of interviews, which tap into the zeitgeist of the underground music scene, and giving the listener a well-rounded portrait of the current musical landscape on shows hosted in Zagreb, Vancouver, Stockholm & London.

After Radio era Funtom started digging more and more into production and discovering and gaining production skills that are now completely done by analog machines and gear in his studio. Besides that Funtom is the founder of various digital and vinyl record labels. Deep Site Recordings, Deep Site Space, Deep Site Vinylized and finally the label that is fresh and has been completely handled by himself, the mighty Dubwise Records which holds some of his latest productions among some of the true pioneers in Deep Tech House music, from all over the World.


Mark Allister

Mark has been DJ’ing at underground clubs and parties for around 23 years now. He’s a regular at nights such as Kerfuffle and Beatsworkin in London and the south. This year has seen him play for promoters in Barcelona and Ibiza with a gig at the infamous Pikes being the highlight.
His early musical influences come mainly from the soul, funk, jazz and disco scenes. He believes these provide the foundation for the music he produces today.
Marks ethos has always been “its about the music not your profile”


Tom Gillieron

An accomplished music producer, sound designer, live performer and DJ, Tom Gillieron’s body of work spans a wide variety genres including Deep House and Techno, Ambient and Experimental.

Since 1997 Tom has been releasing music on influential labels such as Reverberations (Now RvS Music), Eye-Q, TURBO, Visitor, Loaded/Skint, EC Records and Superfreq to name a few.

For the last 17 years Tom has travelled extensively DJing and performing live PAs in London at the legendary Reverberations Warehouse Parties, The END and FABRIC as well as parties, clubs and festivals all over Europe and North and South America.

Tom is also part of the group Various Production, well known for their releases on their own label as well as XL Recordings. While performing Tom plays deep techno as well as straight up jacking & tech house that is sure to move the dancefloor.

Tom Sweetshop

Jeff Bennett

Famous for his dub influenced Tech-house / Minimal music productions.
Jeff´s Music is played by djs like: Laurent Garnier, Sacha, John Digweed, Steve Bug, Hernan Cattaneo, Sven Väth + many many more.
Currently he has over single 150 releases, 3 Albums & 400+ licenses.
Jeff is also active as a sound designer for commercials, documentaries, games etc.
Jeff releases lounge music under the pseudonym Eddie Silverton & Jeff Bennett´s Lounge Experience.
Record labels:
Jeff is the proud owner of two record labels:
Kung Fu Dub Rec (Techhouse/minimal)
Phunctional Loungin (Lounge/Chillout)



Ettore Angrisani

Aka Highest Sound Levels, DJ and producer of electronic music, was born in Naples on August 15, 1977. Son of musicians, began at an early approach to the study of musical instruments at the age of 6 years, pursuing studies of classical music as a violinist until the age of 14. Already in the 80s, feeling strongly attracted to the electronic sounds of Brian Eno, Alan Parsons, Jean Michel Jarre, he realizes that his artistic predisposition is much more compatible with those scenarios sound. In the early 90s, the decisive turning, when he discovers the first sounds House Music especially from London and Chicago and spends entire nights listening to programs on mixed Italian broadcasters like Radio Kiss Kiss Network and Italy, and systematically recognizes himself in that creative concept. So begins to deepen the djing and then buries his passion in the techniques of turntablism, while keeping constant the study of other musical instruments such as electric guitar, bass and synthesizers. His sound reflects his training and in fact can be defined as an eclectic mix, including the house, the electronics and endless possibilities for additional stylistic influences, including in particular the minor harmonies of the blues. He proposed over time his DJ sets in several Italian clubs, including the Baia Imperiale, former Baia Degli Angeli, The Gradisca of Perugia, the Metropolis of Naples, The Chalet delle Rose in Bologna, and many others, and has also worked as artistic director of the events signed by, one of the most important portals of the national club culture. In 2008 he published with the alias Hector Dreamer “New Eternity” his first ep for Headzone Record, historical label of Massimo Vivona and immediately receives European approval on the originality and quality of content. From 2009 to 2010 publishes always like Hector Dreamer, several works for Sharad Records, with which he participated as a founding member. Tracks such as “Not Connected” also come in the playlists of British artists such as Daveneeq, founder of the international circuit of podcasts “Death techno”. In 2012 he founded with his all time partner Joe Demateis, the record label Highest Levels Sound Recordings, where he expresses fully and unconditionally their musical inspirations. The published works are regularly appreciated by some of the most respected and significant club music researchers, like Ron Trent, Claudio Coccoluto, Mathias Schaffhauser, Dj Ralf, Grant Dell, Jay Tripwire, Jovonn, Farley Jackmaster Funk, Dr Motte, John Barber, Ralph Falcon, Layo & Bushwacka and many other great Djs


Echo of Glory

Echo of Glory was brought up in the ghetto of Kingston Jamaica and moved to these shores back in the early 80’s when his father, a talented radio and sound system repairman in Kingston, was also in great demand over here by the big London sound systems, as the man to fix and repair any malfunctions or sabotage by rival sound systems. so his father moved the family to south London. Echo was transfixed by these great sound clashes that he attended with his father and it being the mid 80’s by then he embraced the early acid house scene and it was at these early London warehouse raves that he was switched on to house and techno. Echo of glory maybe a new name in the ever-emerging scene but with his straight up no nonsense approach to the house – techno sound he is one to watch.


Mariusz Kryska

Mariusz Kryska  is a DJ and Producer from Poland whose musical style is hard to classify – taking in a wide range of influences, from Deep House, to the tougher end of Tech House. His productions are current and fresh, but steeped in classic, old school styles.
Among Mariusz’s accolades, he was awarded best DJ Mix in a national contest organized by the Audioriver Festival, seeing off tough competition from right across Poland. His prize was to take the stage and play alongside Radio Slave and Catz N Dogz at a 1500m2 venue in Warsaw.  This appearance propelled his DJ career to new heights; going on to play sets at some of the biggest and best clubs in Poland (Sfinks700, 1500m2 to name a few).  Mariusz  has also recorded guest mixes for several large radio networks, including Polish Radio 4.
Mariusz released his tracks on various international labels, including: Neim Records, Nastyfunk rec., Louder Music, Svogue Muziq , Matter of Fact, White Widow Records. His works were played and suport by artists such as: Roger Sanchez, Joseph Capriati, Paco Osuna, Danny Tenaglia, Nathan Barato, Marco Carola and many more..

Mariusz Kryska  


Abian Saavedra and Brando Morales. Are two young producers in the Canary Islands.
In 2016 they decided to form the group: “basement uk ” .
They love music from an early age , making it a way of life .
Inspired by the classics of the genre “House and Garage” old school .
These producers will offer moments of fun and memories.
Worship style “underground” that will try to effectively in their creations. Genuine students g.a.r.a.g.e.
They are ” BASEMENT UK” .