Grant Dell – In Your Mind. Includes Silicone Soul mixes (GR002) Available now Released 14/09/15


After making a great impression with its first EP, Giant Records serves up a second hot helping of house music from boss man Grant Dell, complete with fresh remixes by Scottish techno stalwarts Silicone Soul.

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After making a great impression with its first EP, Giant Records serves up a second hot helping of house music from boss man Grant Dell, complete with fresh remixes by Scottish techno stalwarts Silicone Soul.

Dell, also known as Chicago Transit Authority, has been doing his do for 25 years now. As a DJ he is at home in clubs in Ibiza and Barcelona as well as around the rest of Europe, and is someone who always prefers to push his own brand of widely infused and influenced music than his own profile.

Once again here he comes up trumps with the emotive, glowing house cut ‘In Your Mind’. With a neat bassline and mid tempo house drums, subtle but effective synth smears add warmth and colour to the groove, whilst soul fuelled vocals add a real sense of personality. This is sure to get people grooving at any hour and comes with Grant’s own Space Echo remix. As the title suggests it’s a more dubby and reverb rich affair with cosmic signifiers and sci-fi vibes pervading from start to finish.

Silicone Soul need little introduction having been at the heart of real deep house and techno for decades on the Soma label. Their first remix is a Darkroom Dub – named after their own label – and is a seductively slo-mo and lazily unfolding house cut with languid synths that really suck you in. Their lush Hypnohouse Mix is then a twinkling, late night bit of melodically rich deep house with starry skies twinkling above sombre chords.

This is a patiently served but hugely alluring EP that is stuffed with plenty of tender feeling. One again then, both Grant and Giant have come up with the goods.


  1. In Your Mind
  2. In Your Mind – Grant Dell’s Space Echo mix
  3. In Your Mind – Silicone Soul’s Darkroom Dub
  4. In Your Mind – Silicone Soul’s Hypnohouse mix
All trax are Mastered to 1/2 tape before being cut to wax for that extra bit of juice.
Original front cover art by Sil Cunningham
Tony Rodriguez 'Great mixes, Thanks for the music!!'

Nathan G 'Silicone Sould Hypnohouse is nicely crafted. '

Clinton Houlker 'Feeling 'Grant Dell - In Your Mind (original mix) - Giant Records''

Alessandro Russo 'Grant Dell - In Your Mind (Silicone Souls Darkroom dub) - Giant Records, for me thanks, SLOK'

Thomas Koch 'thank you for the music!'

Jay Tripwire 'So nice to hear properly mastered stuff, love the whole motherfucking thang..'

Richie Hawtin 'downloaded for r hawtin'

Hector Couto 'dub 4 me, nice track!'

Murf 'Excellent stuff... Hard to pick a fave mix! *)'

Doc Martin 'Been playing these off the vinyl!!! Deep and Dangerous!!!'

Danny Tenaglia 'thanks!!'

Claudio Coccoluto 'Hypnohouse is my cup of tea!'

Robbie Akbal 'Darkroom dub is amazing!! full support loving this cut!'

Nathan Coles 'lovely stuff thanks '

Danny Howells 'Silicone Soul have done a stunning job in updating this, full support.'

Javi Bora 'Great release! Silicone Souls Darkroom dub is my fav. Support'

Severino Panzetta 'Sliicone souls ..YES'

David Vendetta 'Cool tracks. Thanks.'

Balcazar & Sordo 'Silicone souls Hypnohouse amazing'

Davide & Claudio Dzeta & Basile 'Silicone Soul never let us down.both mixes rock!'

Brodanse 'Silicone Soul Mixes are wicked!'

Murray Richardson 'Silicone's Dub for me on this...tasty!'

Joshua Gutierrez 'Silicone Souls Darkroom dub like the most, also the original is great, thanks'

Tyler Stadius 'Heavy vibes! Love the original & the Hypnohouse mix. Big thanks!'

Ali Shirazinia Great mixes

John Digweed Full support

Sasha Full support

Steve Lawler Great thanks

Light IDR 'For me Silicone Soul remixes will play and support. not sure about the originals. thanks '

MR G 'nice'

Jason Tamplin 'Grant Dell - In Your Mind (Silicone souls Hypnohouse mix) - Giant Records: Quality deep tune, perfect for leading into an evening set'

Terry Francis 'like these x'

Laurent Blondeau 'nice EP, all tracks are really nice. thanks'

Mazi Namvar 'A beautiful single with meticulous remixes. My favorites are Grant's original and the Silicone Soul Hypnohouse version. Will be supporting this on the dance floor and in our show.'

Halo Varga 'very nice ep guys'

Michael Dodman 'feeling the SS mixes'

Jez Pereira 'Fantastic & awesome remixes!!! Love it :)'

Orde Meikle 'cool SS mixes thanx '

Alexi Delano 'I've been a fan of G.D. and Silicone Soul for a long while. Nice to receive this one. Thank you!'

Eddie Richards 'liking the dub here'

Sam Divine 'Fire!'

Stacey Pullen 'cool thanks'

Derek Marin 'In Your Mind (Silicone Souls Darkroom dub)is the one!'

Cole Medina 'thanks!'

Colin Dale ' E.P....all the tracks rock but Silicon Soul Dark Room Dub is the stand out for me.'

Chris Udoh 'Excellent release !! Feeling the Silicone Souls Mixes .'